Congratulations on Qualifying for the 2016 College Sailing National Championships!

On behalf of the San Diego Yacht Club and the Nationals Organizing Committee I am excited to welcome you all to San Diego. The Committee has been working very hard over the past 18 months to make this a successful event and we want to share some preliminary information to assist you in your planning and logistics.


We have arranged group rates with three local hotels although there are hundreds of options within a 30 minute drive of the venue.  You can view our recommendations here:



San Diego Yacht Club would like to offer participants and their families the opportunity to get a guest card to use the facilities during the duration of your stay at the Nationals.  If you wish to obtain a guest card please fill out and submit the form at:

Upon your arrival at San Diego Yacht Club, please check in with the front desk, and they will verify the information you have submitted is correct and will then issue you your guest card.  The dining room accepts cash or credit card for all purchases.



For those of you interested in booking a room for a team/alumni dinner during the nationals I am including some information provided by the club:

I have booked the all rooms except the Main Dining Room for the whole week so if you want to book a room for a team specific function (dinner, reception, alumni cocktails, etc.) call the SDYC Catering office and ask for a room under the Juniors ICSA block.  This is the link to the banquet info (room minimums, sizes, etc.):

The Catering Director is Amy Snyder, (619) 758–6312,
The Catering Coordinator is Taylor Shield, (619) 758-6311,

The schedule for sponsored event functions is above and you can see what rooms we have asked for on those nights.  If you need a member sponsor for your dinner let me know.

Once again Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Danielle Richards
2016 Nationals Co-Chair

John Reiter
2016 Nationals Co-Chair